Main Street Insiders is a newsletter with news, education, and inspiration for building an America First economy. One where those of us on Main Street call the shots instead of Wall Street or global elites.

We’ll talk investing, economics, personal finance, and entrepreneurship. But ultimately, it’s about Choosing Freedom.

Written by two regular guys from the countryside. One a semi-retired college marketing teacher (Jeff), the other a University economics student (Luke). Both love entrepreneurship and creativity. And family.

We’re not from Wall Street (thankfully), we didn’t go to elite schools (mercifully), and don’t fit in with any “establishment” (happily).

However, we are keen observers who are seeing the same things you are. Increasing prices, falling wages, woke companies — the list goes on.

We are also pattern recognizers. We know there are serious problems in our country. A lot of things are upside down in our society and our economy.

And still, we’re optimists. Where others see increasing hopelessness, we see a bright and compelling future - and a surprisingly clear path for getting there. Perhaps quicker than you might think.

That’s what brought us here.

Join us on this journey. We need each other. 

God Bless and God Bless America,

-Jeff Perlot and Luke Perlot

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The America First guide to choosing freedom in every area of life. We use personal finance as the jumping off point, but America First warriors must be strong in body, mind, and spirit. It's Main Street vs. the Global Elites. Join the rebellion.


Jeff Perlot and Luke Perlot

Father-son duo behind Main Street Insiders. Rallying people together to build an America First economy. One where Main Street folks call the shots instead of Wall Street elites.